“Once we have polished and glazed a new paint job and we think that it looks pretty good and the customer is going to be pleased – we go over it with one shot of Quick Shine® just before the customer arrives.
It’s like adding another 5-10% of clarity. It’s just amazing.”

- Pete Santini, World Renowned Car Painter, Westminster, CA






"After being introduced to iTEK®, we made our personal detailer switch to using only iTEK®  products on our vehicles.
It gave our Bentley a shine that we didn’t even think was possible, while still being eco-friendly and safe for our children."

- The Toomas Family, Anaheim Hills, CA







“I hardly recognize my Mercedes after my husband treated it with iTEK®.
I am amazed at how truly beautiful my car actually is.”

- Ann Pham, Lake Forest, CA










“Since I applied the iTEK® coating to my car, I’ve had three people who had seen it at other places ask me if I had repainted it.
The  iTEK® coating definitely make a big difference in the appearance of your car.”

- Tim Love, Orange, CA







“When I found  iTEK® I had just detailed my Boss 302 for a car show with wax.
I wasn’t sure if  iTEK® would outperform the wax, but it came out better in every way.”

- Michelle "The Boss Lady" Vescerneyes, Mira Loma, California






“I have been using  iTEK® products for about two years now.
I love it so much because my car can sit in the garage for months and still look amazing when I take it out to a car show."

- Hector Rodriguez, Orange County, CA






"My wheels used to have terrible water spots
- I tried all other car care products and they all failed.
I only had to clean them one time with the iTEK® Chrome and Billet Polish
and all of the spots came right off.
My wheels never looked this good. Bye-bye, Mother's and Meguiar's. They're going in the trash."

- Henry Carey, Riverside, CA



“The  iTEK® Motorcycle Kit brought out the true shine of my chrome and beautiful metallic paint.
The water spots I had for years are now gone and areas that normal products couldn’t clean came out perfect."

- John Simmonds, Orange, CA