The Nanoscience Story Behind iTEK NANO Car Care Products

There are many reasons why iTEK® NANO is now #1 in Car Care Technology!

  • No other wax or paint sealant product lasts longer. iTEK® NANO = 2 years;  the best Carnauba wax = 6-8 weeks;  the best paint sealant products = 4-6 months.

  • iTEK® NANO is environmentally-friendly, greatly reducing hazardous waste, compared to wax and sealants.

  • The iTEK® NANO System saves tremendous amounts of fresh water.

Let’s get right into the detailed nanoscience behind every iTEK® NANO product . . .

iTEK® NANO’s proprietary Car Care products with our nanotechnology-based Protective Treatment is unlike any wax or paint sealant product available!  iTEK® NANO works deep down within the surface, cleaning—protecting all vehicles at the molecular level. The elegance of iTEK® NANO is that they work equally well on a multitude of surfaces such as painted metal, glass, fiberglass, plastic, wood, chrome, aluminum, stainless steel and more.

Your time will be well spent!

The effective use of your time is an important factor to consider for today’s Professional Car Detailer, Car Collector, or any Car Enthusiast.  iTEK® NANO provides a 100% complete line of Car Care products that makes each car detailing job and subsequent maintenance fast and easy.

“iTEK® NANO Protective Treatments last for 2 years, not just 2 months.”


iTEK® NANO Protective Treatments are virtually impervious to hot and cold weather.  They have been designed to protect Professionally Detailed vehicle surfaces from the sun, rain, snow, ice, bugs, dirt, salt fog, car emissions and other surface damaging contaminants.  Our Protective Treatments outlasts the best Carnauba wax detailing by up to 12x, and the best paint sealant details by up to 6x.

All in less time, while providing the best Car Care technology to protect the earth’s environment!

Besides long lasting car surface protection, you can also count on an equally long-lasting mirror-like shine.
iTEK® NANO products contain NO-WAX®, thereby eliminating the problem of wax build-up altogether.


Due to the limited longevity and durability of wax, some owners prefer to wax their vehicles every 2-3 months, while others will only wax their vehicles every 6 months, often citing the negative effects of "wax buildup."


“Any car detail, using even the best brand of car wax, that is not repeated every 6-8 weeks, leaves a car’s most vulnerable and most noticed areas unprotected from weather and contaminants.  Today’s modern factory paint jobs, using more ecologically-friendly paint as dictated by the EPA, degrades more quickly than ever before if not protected properly.  Long-term and consistent paint protection, found only in iTEK® NANO’s industry leading Car Care Products, can provide that consistent level of guaranteed paint protection!”


Let’s review what ‘Shine’ really is:  Shine is a radiance or brightness caused by emitted or reflected light, and therefore on vehicle surfaces, the shine you see is basically the reflection of light on the various surfaces.

All surfaces contain microscopic "hills and valleys" which dirt and contaminants find their way into.  These hills and valleys in a car’s painted surface is hard to see with the naked eye, but under a medium-power microscope it is astonishing!  Newest scientific research shows these painted surface contaminants absorb light rather than reflecting it. This creates a dullness that diminishes the shine of a surface and creates a condition where today’s weaker water-based car paints experience faster surface deterioration than ever before.



The Intricate Science Behind iTEK NANO Protective Treatments

Let’s get a bit technical for a moment, and go inside the nanoscience found in iTEK® NANO Protective Treatments.  The paint-safe chemical qualities and molecular structure of the iTEK® NANO Protective Treatment formulations target these microscopic areas by using nano-sized, optimum length, and optical quality high gloss polymers that fill in the "hills and valleys" shown above.  On glass, which is hydrophilic, iTEK® NANO Protective Treatments alter the polarity of the surface, by reversing what was a polar surface to a non-polar surface, thereby making the surface truly hydrophobic (water repellent), oleophobic (oil repellent) and dust repellent. This iTEK® NANO-based non-polar surface causes water molecules to "bead up" at a hydrophobic contact angle, thus causing the water to be easily displaced by wind and movement. A similar repellent action occurs for dust, dirt and grime.

The ‘contact angle’ of iTEK NANO Protective Treatments is over 90°, which means it is truly hydrophobic!

Good factory car paint will bead water without wax or polish, but not at a hydrophobic contact angle of over 90%.  Almost all wax and polishes initially bead water with contact angles anywhere from 70° to 90°, but will easily and quickly break down by sunlight, heat, washing and contamination.  As surface tension in a car that was waxed and detailed is continuously reduced during the limited lifetime of wax details (6-8 weeks) the contact angle of the water beads are also significantly reduced.

Contact angles are extremely sensitive to contamination. If the molecules of a liquid are strongly attracted to the molecules of a solid then a drop of the liquid will completely spread out on the solid surface, corresponding, in worst cases, to a contact angle of 0°.  Generally, if the contact angle is smaller than 90° the solid surface is considered hydrophilic.

Weaker attractions between liquid and solid molecules will result in higher contact angles. In general, if the contact angle is larger than 90°, the solid surface is considered hydrophobic and hydrophobic surfaces are commonly treated with the world’s advanced polymers, created through leading scientific research.  This is how iTEK® NANO Protective Treatments provide such superior car surface protection, surface bonding, and long-lasting shine!

Professional Car Detailing Company’s, Car Collectors, and Car Enthusiasts who properly clean a car’s surface with iTEK® NANO’s NO-WAX products, then professionally apply iTEK® NANO’s Protective Treatment, and then maintain this with iTEK® NANO’s exclusive Quick Shine maintenance product, will have the world’s best most consistent shine possible.  Gone are the days when an expensive Carnauba Wax detail begins to lose its luster as weeks progress, following a professional detail.  iTEK® NANO’s most loyal Car Show participants will tell you that iTEK® NANO is the best and the only way to keep an ongoing, award-winning “Show Car Shine” without constant, back-breaking car detail after car detail.

Here is a representation of what ‘contact angles’ can look like:


Hydrophobic water beading is derived from iTEK® NANO Protective Treatments with an inherent, actual contact angle of over a 100°.  Our superior nanoscience-based polymers are designed to form a very rapid, long-lasting covalent bond to the surface at the molecular level. This means that they actually become part of the surface and only require a minimum cure time of only 90 to 120 seconds. (Some paint sealant products require many hours to cure, during which time contaminants that occur naturally and from environmental issues fall on and embed into the curing surface.)

Once cured, within an amazing 1-3 minutes with 
iTEK® NANO Protective Treatments, the microscopic hills and valleys are filled in with our optical quality, glossy nano-sized polymers.  This forms a Clear Seal® that provides unmatched protection to the car’s surface from dirt and all environmental contaminants for an amazing 2 years, with proper, ongoing maintenance.

You can easily test the water beading properties of the surface with a syringe or dropper prior to cleaning and applying the 
iTEK® NANO Protective Treatment™.  Then test the surface after the iTEK® NANO application and you will notice significant beading with a hydrophobic contact angle.  The protection, beading and shine will continue for two years, as long as the surface is regularly maintained only with iTEK® NANO's Quick Shine.  This is a testament to iTEK® NANO's Protective Treatment's industry-leading durability.

The discussion of covalent bond and polarity, at the most basic level, can be compared to using microscopic granules to fill a hole in a surface instead of stones. The microscopic granules (nano-sized, optimum-length polymers) will conform to the irregular shapes and curves in the "hills and valleys" much better than that of the larger stones.  Ultimately, the microscopic granules will be able to create a smoother and more tightly sealed surface that amplifies reflection to achieve a phenomenal 
iTEK® NANO mirror-like shine. Furthermore, a thoroughly cleaned and dried surface allows the iTEK® NANO Protective Treatment to bond to the desired surface better, providing longer lasting results.  Additionally, special UV protection quickly provides paint and other surfaces with deeper and longer lasting protection from the elements.

Our highly advanced protective treatments do not merely adhere to vehicle surfaces. As previously discussed our nanotechnology treatments form a covalent bond with the surface and thus become a part of the surface themselves. As a result, surface properties - such as etching resistance, scratch resistance, water, oil and dust repellency, can be altered on a semi-permanent basis. This revolutionizes vehicle care and maintenance because iTEK® NANO vehicle protective treatments can last years rather than just a few months, with proper Quick Shine maintenance.

To achieve optimum performance with the 
iTEK® NANO's Protective Treatment, it is imperative that the vehicle surface be thoroughly clean and dry.  If the surface has wax, polish, silicone, oxidation and contamination on the vehicle surface, a thorough washing and cleaning with a clay bar is necessary to obtain optimum results.  After washing, clay bar the surface using suds of iTEK® NANO’s NO-WAX® Car Wash Soap (included in our Silver Kits) to remove any wax buildup, oxidation and contamination.  Do not use a normal detailing soap product since many will leave an oily or silicone residue.  For best results, the surface should be totally clean (sterile) void of any residue.  iTEK® NANO's Surface Cleaner (also included in Silver Kits) cleans deep down at the molecular level, within the "hills and valleys" of the surface.  The use of iTEK® NANO’s exclusive TEK® Prep removes any remaining residue and prepares the surface for the iTEK® NANO’s Clear Seal® B.  All of these products, along with iTEK® NANO's application pads and microfiber towels are included in each, low-cost Silver Kit!