Quick Shine

iTEK NANO’s Quick Shine® - The Only Maintenance Product You Will Need for a Full Two Years of Protection!

 Working in conjunction with iTEK NANO’s® Protective Treatment is the easy-to-use nanoscience-based, iTEK NANO® "Quick Shine®.  This amazing spray on NO-WAX® proprietary formula further enhances the effectiveness of the iTEK NANO® Protective Treatment by maintaining surfaces after treatment.  Quick Shine® even works extremely well on vehicles that have not yet taken advantage of the iTEK NANO® Protective Treatment.  As with all iTEK NANO Products, Quick Shine is incredibly eco-friendly, giving our worldwide Professional Car Detail Partners the Car Care solution available to protect the environment, and to save up to hundreds of gallons of fresh water per year for every car they maintain.  With iTEK NANO everyone wins . . . the Professional Car Detailer, Car Collectors, Car Enthusiasts, car owners, and our world’s environment!

Quick Shine® was heavily researched and engineered to work in concert with iTEK NANO’s® Protective Treatment and is included in every iTEK NANO Silver Kit, a preferred iTEK NANO kit used by some of the best Professional Detailing Companies worldwide.  Professional Detailers find that by using the Silver Kit, they can detail 2 cars completely, which is a superb method to closely control inventory, reduce waste, and maintain just the correct and minimum amount of product on hand.  iTEK NANO ships same-day worldwide to Authorized and Trained Professional Car Detailers, with Master Distributors providing local inventory in a growing number of regions and countries.  The iTEK NANO Silver Kit complete solution can be safely used for all vehicle surfaces: Glass, Painted Metal, Fiberglass, Chrome, Stainless Steel, Aluminum, Plastic, Vinyl, Rubber Trim and more…

Professional Detailers around the world can also use iTEK NANO Treatments and Quick Shine® for Motorcycles, Trucks, Trains, Buses, RV’s, Airplanes and even Boats. Professional Detailers find this is an excellent way to supplement and expand their base Car Detailing business.  This is a great advantage of adopting the iTEK NANO business model. Because all the cleaning, protecting and shining components needed for all of these vehicles are made for use on any surface mentioned above, Professional Car Detailers find that they can expand their local business into other vertical market niches, while staying in the local vicinity.

For instance, recently a small crew who normally professionally detail cars used their same training and experience to detail a small, high-end, ocean-going boat.  iTEK NANO’s powerful, yet environmentally-safe nanoscience was able to cut right through heavy salt water build-up and provide much easier, ongoing boat maintenance.  Anyone who has owned a boat, much less one used in salt water, can appreciate how iTEK NANO’s superior nanotechnology surface treatment and bonding results in much less maintenance, making any boat you would see in the world’s thousands of marinas much quicker and easier to clean than ever before.

For iTEK NANO’s Quick Shine® Maintenance product, just spray on the vehicle surface and wait 4-5 seconds for it to penetrate and dissolve the dirt, grime and environmental contaminants (for highly soiled surfaces like bird droppings wait 12-15 seconds.)  Quick Shine easily lifts all contaminants from the surface, with the use of our highly efficient iTEK NANO® microfiber towels.  Once the dirt and grime barrier is gone, the polymers are free to bond to the surface and protect it from water, snow, ice, dirt, salt fog, car emissions and other surface damaging contaminants.  Simply wipe and buff with an iTEK® microfiber towel leaving an ultra-smooth long-term protected surface with a brilliant shine, that looks “Better Than New”®.

Quick Shine® works without any unwanted wax build-up since it does not contain wax and is perfectly safe for clear coats and other delicate surfaces.  (Note:  It is not for use on vehicles with highly compacted dirt. Those need to be rinsed and washed first.)  Quick Shine is iTEK NANO’s “premier” product and due to its ultra-performance and wide versatility, it is included in every iTEK NANO® Silver Kit.  Some car collectors use it as a waterless wash and also as a clay bar lubricant.  It can be used in direct sunlight and is impervious to hot or cold weather.

Once you start using iTEK NANO’s Protective Treatments and maintain vehicles with our innovative Quick Shine® you will never return to the older methods of Car Care, using older wax and paint sealer products.

Here is an Overview of How iTEK NANO’s Protective Treatment Products With Quick Shine Compares to Old, Traditional Wax-based Products:


The scientific information presented here is the reason why iTEK NANO is #1 in Car Care Technology!

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