Corporate Responsibility


Be Part of Our Earth and Water Initiative

At iTEK NANO we love to provide advanced technology products that make cars shine brightly, with incredible and dependable paint protection that lasts for years.  It is equally important to us that each Car Care Product we design uses the absolute least amount of our earth’s natural resources as possible—keeping our environment clean and conserving precious fresh water resources for all our descendants, throughout time.  For those who use our products it is great to know that you are also helping to keep that same promise, while using the best Car Care Products available!  We sincerely thank you for being our partner in this quest, and we promise even more technological breakthroughs and ongoing iTEK NANO product improvements in our unwavering goal to provide the cleanest, shiniest vehicles to the cleanest, most pristine planet!

“iTEK NANO has designed all of our Car Care Products to help protect natural resources, provide for a cleaner earth, and to conserve our precious fresh water resources.  It is not by accident that our iTEK NANO Car Coating and Cleaning System saves up and beyond 10 times the water normally used in keeping vehicles clean.”